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18 - 20 May 2021 / live from Graz, Austria

Eureka is the world’s leading public network for international R&D collaboration, present in over 45 countries. We aim to boost the growth of start-ups, SMEs, large companies, research organisations and universities through funding and support of international R&D cooperation and providing investment readiness services. 

Eureka programmes are based on a bottom-up philosophy where organisations have the freedom and flexibility to: 

• choose the technological focus of their R&D,
• create their ideal consortium with partners from any Eureka country (and beyond)
• select the programme that best suits their needs.

Since 1985, Eureka has supported the R&D and commercialisation of thousands of breakthrough products, processes or services, that are positively impacting society worldwide. 35 years on, This year, under the motto “Towards a New Eureka”, Austria takes the Chair and celebrates the 35th anniversary of Eureka. 

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